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help wanted!

hi everyone, i just recently became a strict vegiteraian. Oddly enouh, i strongly dislie veggies but a breast cancer survivor/speaker came yesterday to talk to my class about breast cancer and told us about what farms do to their cows and chickens. A month ago i decided i wasent going to eat any red meat and i began drinking soy milk by the container (per day)it's so yummey! So, i cosidered myself to be a non-strict vegetarian and then after the cancer talk yesterday i decided i am going to be a full-out vegan (by the way, does that mean strict vegearian) i have been using the term "vegan" because i cant spell vegetarian (i can still get the point across) and i always tought that vegan was a strict vegetarian. Hmmm, so i bought 2 packs of boca burgers (origional vegan and garlic vegan). I had a garlic one last night and i had the whole box of the origional vegan today, lol, and i had 3 squares of matza (leftover from passover) and cheerios and soymilk, yes. I had 4 bowls of that, 2 for breakfast and 2 for lunch. Along withthe vegan burgers, an it's only 5 o clock! hah. i also had 3 bananas, yes. So, im not sure if i said this already but does anyone know of any foods i can buy at publix that is vegan and low (or no) fat. Im big on low-fat foods (and no fat foods). That's all for now.

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Vegan/Strict Vegetarian - lifestyle that includes no animal derived products - thus, not only no meat, but no dairy, no eggs, no leather products of any kind, nothing containing gelatine, no medications derived from animal products etc. It's usually an ethical/moral committment rather than a health choice. People making health choices are usually content to go regular vegetarian and just not eat meat, or go a little bit stricter to not eat meat/dairy/eggs.