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3 large chocolate pancakes (low- fat pancake mix)
2 glassess soy moo (soy milk)

3 1/2 chocolate chip cookies that my friend gave me during math after i told her i lost 2lbs on weiht watchrs, she wanted to 'reward me'

lots o chocolate chip cookie dough (un-cooked)
small eazy-open can of garbonzo beans

pack of california sushi rolls (from publix)
3 veggie rolls (from my scond that im saving the rest for my lunch tomorrow)
4 tablespoonfulls of fat-free refried beans
whole container AND a half of "cool coffee" flavored vegan tofutti iecream (damn vegans)
5 fat-free chocolate, chocolate chip cookies
devils food fat-free pudding (by jello)
some more of the second container of my tofutti icecream :P

... think im done now? the night is far to young my darlings! yeah, so i wanted to be a vegan but it's not working out too well, =( what's a poor girl who loves animal products to do? well, i got tofutti icecream... but i ate it ALL! It kinda defeated the whoe purpose of becomming a vegan but, on well...

oh yeah! I gota thing of tofu, and i dont know what to do with it. Any suggestions as to how i can prepare it?
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