Brittany Farrah Bruce (brittanyfarrah) wrote in eaters,
Brittany Farrah Bruce


subway turkey sub

small can of vegitable V8 juice

small can of grapefruit juice

1 apple

16 cookies (chocolate chocolate chip)

cup of strawberry frozen yogurt

cup of vanilla/strawberry icecream at giradellis

plain bagle and cremecheese from starbucks (toasted)

carmel frappichino without whipcreme with extra carmel

5 more cookies when i got home

plain soft tortilla, 3

bowl of strawberry (specialaddition) breyers icecream

cheerios and soy milk

prunes (my favorite, schweeeeeet)

1 8oz glass of water

small cup of 2% milkfat cottage cheese

99% fat free yoplet yogurt (strawberry banana)

3 more chocolate cookies to finish the package
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